vinculum co founder launches trangile a consulting led and domain expertise driven tech services firm sets up global development center in delhi ncr20221019174334

Vinculum Cofounder, Rakesh Gupta, has recently launched Trangile, a consulting led and domain expertise driven tech services firm. Trangile aims to provide digital technology services to top global clients across sectors like ecommerce, retail, hospitality and logistics. With the vision of establishing the firm as a reliable partner for large businesses, Trangile has set up its global development centre in the Delhi NCR region. The centre will focus on providing advanced technology solutions, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, analytics, digital commerce, omni channel strategies, and cloud computing services.

Trangile will also be developing innovative products, such as an AIdriven sales assistant to help its clients build their businesses. In addition, the firm intends to build an internal lab to specifically explore new capabilities and technologies as well as to do R&D to better serve its clients. Trangile is well positioned to capitalize on the growing demand from customers and the opportunities presented by the booming global digital transformation in terms of cloud, analytics, automation, and IoT.

As part of the constant efforts to provide quality services to clients, the firm has set up a Global Development Center in Delhi NCR. The center is spread over 60,000 square feet, equipped with modern infrastructure and cuttingedge technology. It will offer a full stack of services from trangile to provide its customers with global solutions. This center will actively provide offerings such as Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and IoT to its customer base. Moreover, the Global Development Center in Delhi NCR will also function as a training ground for Trangileโ€™s increasing team of software engineers from various backgrounds.

It will also act as a home for Trangileโ€™s own R&D initiatives. This will enable Trangile to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the latest technology and trends in the market. The center is driven by the companyโ€™s vision to be the global technology services leader, providing the best of breed technology solutions to its clients. Trangile firmly believes that its new Global Development Center in Delhi NCR will revolutionize the Indian IT industry and help organizations become Future Ready and be successful in their mission.

By leveraging its indepth knowledge of digital technologies and extensive experience across sectors, Trangile seeks to offer reliable and comprehensive technology solutions that aim to drive customer outcomes. The firm is setting high standards for itself in terms of growth by investing heavily in human capital and prioritizing customer experience. By hiring the best talent, Trangile is determined to become a leading digital technology solution provider serving customers worldwide.

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